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News and music from the best bands in Europe/Scandinavia!!!
Every Tuesday from 7-10pm CST Euro-Rock Radio brings you
the best hard pounding metal and hard rock Europe/Scandinavia has to offer!
So tune in to RenegadeRadio.net to listen and
make sure to join us in the chat room as well during the show.

Now Open: The Euro-Rock Radio Forums!
Come on by and submit request or just talk about your fav bands!

Note: Our sources include, but are not limited to, Kerrang.com, Blabbermouth.net and MTV.com. We also have folks that send us news, from across the pond, that either ARE the band or are directly or indirectly affiliated with the band. Simply put, this is a place to see all the news in one place instead of having to search the net. Unless specified as an original ERR piece...it probably isn't.


1. Don't post crap (rumors), we don't believe 'em and don't wanna see it.
If you have something questionable you would like to post, contact a mod for clearance. If it is news of some sort, sources are required.

2. This is not necessarily a picture community, but we are always interested in seeing your photos! So post them! If you wish to post more than one in the same post, please put them behind a LJ cut. Keeps the page nice and clean and easier to scroll thru and load for those still on dial-up/slow connections...etc. If you are having issues with the LJ Cut, I suggest Semagic. Very quick download and it's free! It will allow to post to any community and even your own journal. All the nifty LJ tricks and very simple to use.

3. Be courteous to others. We all have different opinion about EVERYTHING. It is one thing to voice your opinion, but quite another to start a cat fight. Simply put, this kind of behavior is grounds for banning from the page, so think before you type.

4. No asking for music or video downloads! It's called piracy and it's illegal! Don't do it. These bands entertain us for a living, don't take their money away from them. If you need find where to BUY the CD/Song/Video, that is perfectly permissible to ask about.

5. Please, please, please tag your posts. (You will thank us for this eventually!) Once we have a nice, big, archive the tags will prove invaluable! Makes everything easier to find!


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